Red Cabbage

We couldn’t miss this absolute winner from our Christmas dinner plates. We’d put it on every roast if it was up to us, and it always has to be homemade. This is a perfect dish to cook up now and freeze ahead of Christmas Day. All you need to do is fully defrost and reheat until piping hot on the day. Our half red cabbages are the perfect size to make 6-8 portions of this.

Half a red cabbage
400g cranberry sauce
2 bramley apples
Boiling water

Chop up your red cabbage and place in a pan. Don’t worry too much about size and shape. Peel, core & chop your apples & add to the pan. Next up, add your cranberry sauce. Pour in the water to about half way to 3/4 up the ingredients. There really is no set amount to this, sorry! Boil the pan & allow to cook. After around 15 minutes, reduce the heat and simmer. Stir regularly. The ingredients in the pan will reduce by about half. After around 45 minutes, the ingredients will start to turn syrupy and most of the water will be reduced. Once it is cooked to the consistency you like, you can serve immediately, or portion into freezer safe pots. Allow to cool fully before freezing.